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The best from dmjx


The best from DMJX

I have a Professional Bachelor in Visual Communication, major in Interactive Design from The Danish School of Media & Journalism.

Between the lectures and exercises in visual communication, we got to go in depth with some projects.



The three years spent at The Danish School of Media & Journalism culminated in this project.

The product in the end was a working prototype of a VR-Comics experience and a presentation reel made as an add for the project.

Intro sequence for “Alle for tre”

I had the pleasure of interning at Postyr Postproduktion during the post production of the Danish comedy “Alle for tre/Three Heists and a Hamster”. First order of business, I was charged with the production of the intro sequence of the movie.

Within five months I had my hands on several movies and TV-shows, creating graphics, setting up credits, concept art, storyboarding, 3D modelling and endless amounts of rotoscoping.

TV Breaker

The creative brief for this project was.. brief; Make a 20 second halloween themed breaker for a childrens/youth channel of your own choosing using Cinema 4D.

Sound and visuals

During my time at The Danish School of Media- & Journalism, we did a collaboration with the students at Sonic College. The brief was fairly open; paired up, Interaction Designers and Sound Designers, we would blindfolded smell two objects and from the impressions, create visuals and soundscape.

The talented Composer and Sound Designer Ida Skjerk was responsible for creating the audio, and I the visuals.

Two and a half days (and nights) later, we were ready for the presentation. - Enjoy

Ideas for a VR-experience as part of the introductory course into Virtual Reality.